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$29.99 a month

0% Commission. No hidden fees. No commitments. Ever.

Transparent Pricing

At Anytable we believe in honest, upfront pricing. Because of this we will never charge restaurants commissions or have hidden fees. See our full pricing details below:


Flat monthly fee

We charge a flat fee of $29.99/month. This price will never change, regardless of how many locations you have or users you need to add.


No commitments

We will never lock you in to a short-term or long-term commitment and you are able to cancel your Anytable subscription at any time.


0% commission

We will never charge you a commission fee.


Other fees/charges

Aside from what Anytable charges, we do want to share the only other “fees/charges” that can occur.

  • Credit card processing fee with Stripe – Since Anytable partners with Stripe, the standard Stripe credit card processing fee will apply to all orders received on your Anytable website. This fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and is taken out of each order and paid directly to Stripe for standard credit card processing.
  • Convenience fee – Anytable does charge a standard convenience fee of $1.95 per order to the customer (the restaurant does not pay this). This fee allows us to cover costs related to hosting, software improvements and additional features.

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